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For more than a decade the Nguyen's family has been successfully thriving in the restaurant business and dedicated to trying new concepts. Today, the Davis Sushi Boat Buffet/Japanese Restaurant has come to a new chapter that allows customer to create their own dishes with the freshest products available.

Our restaurant is uniquely decorated in a contemporary, clean, and comfortable atmosphere; our mission is to provide great food and excellent customer service. Proudly recognized by the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals, Chef Huang Cui and Yan Wuen have many years of experience and a great following with customers.

Chef Huang Cui grew up in China and began his culinary career in his early 20s; gaining a broad range of culinary experience from a Japanese sushi chef at Mechi Yosi restaurant in Shengjing. Sam - a perfectionist at the art of sushi creations who has utilized his experience in creating dishes with an exquisite and artistic flare that still reflects the traditional elegance of Japanese Cuisine.

In addition, at Sushi Davis Buffet we also have chef Daniel Khuu, who has a passion for cooking that never stops. Daniel was lucky enough to apprentice under the Master Sushi Chef Ė Sam Hui. He was inspired and motivated to fuse local and Asian traditions into the art of sushi making. His aptitude for innovative puts a unique twist on traditional Japanese cuisine and he also oversees the day-to-day operation of sushi making alongside with his dedicated partners Cuong Huynh and Ha Nguyen. © 2013